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A Guide For Using Video Marketing To Drive Traffic and Leads

Video Marketing Tips for Newbies

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Video is an important part of building audience engagement. It generates new leads while nurturing and qualifying the ones you already have. It’s measurable, and you’ll know whether or not it works. However, it can be difficult to get started if you don’t know how to build a marketing strategy. Below are some things to consider as you start the journey to successful video marketing. Always offer a freebie in your videos to entice users to join your list, especially if you’re running a IM products review blog. Do this quickly and easily, purchase a PLR product and change the graphics and name of the product to make it unique to your brand and business. The easiest way to do this is with the best ecover creator software. Then add a link under your video in the video description linking to your squeeze page which offers your freebie ebook or videos or anything you think your audience needs and wants. Remember that your freebie should be of a good quality, first impressions last and it should offer value as it’s a reflection of your business and offerings.

Dedicate Your Resources


Budget is the 800-lb gorilla in the room, and everyone is worried about it. However, you don’t have to go broke outfitting a studio and hiring a video production team. You should produce content for each stage of the customer’s journey, releasing new wealthy affiliates review videos every two weeks or so. It may seem excessive, but you can dedicate resources without ruining your finances. A video graphics plr pack can help you get the video content you need without spending too much money.

Tell a Story

When you’re creating videos, you should first think about your audience and what you would like them to know about your company. The first video should explain what your company does, and subsequent videos should accompany every marketing funnel step. Buyers do most of their research outside of the vendor, and you should provide videos for every part of the process. People love learning by step by step over the shoulder videos, so keep this in mind when creating your videos and training products. If you’re struggling to write content yourself, and you’re looking to coach other people in the internet marketing niche, you could consider looking for high quality PLR coaching programs that is ready to go, so that all you need to do is add your logo, and offer it to your clients to help them start and grow their businesses. This is what many companies and coaches do to fast track their success by simply outsourcing their content creation needs to quality ghostwriters and content creation companies.

Showcase People AND Products

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Good product explanations are very important, but they do not always make for a compelling story. To humanize your company, interview members of your sales team or feature customer success stories if your customers are willing to appear on camera. If you have partners, let them discuss their businesses and why they chose to buy from you. To further monetize your products and service, you can also consider looking for affiliate offers in your market that you know your customers will want or need and will help them in their businesses, this could earn you extra money with commissions for referrals. If you don’t know much about affiliate marketing and how to use it in your business to make more money, you could join an affiliate marketing coaching program to help you fast track your learning so you do not have to learn the hard way and make mistakes, coaching is very good if you choose the right course or coach.

Keep it Short and Sweet

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As most filmmakers will tell you, editing is perhaps the most difficult steps in the content creation process. The footage may be great and the company may be amazing, but it can be hard to explain everything in one minute. However, the viewer’s attention span is short, and you’ll need to get right to the point. As you build a video library about your real estate plr ebooks with resell rights, you’ll begin to see where longer, more in-depth videos are needed.

Be Smart About Placement

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It’s tempting to put your videos on your website and on YouTube, and that’s a great strategy. However, you should also consider putting them on Facebook, which has recently enhanced its video sharing capabilities. YouTube videos do well in Google results, and placement is free—but you give up control. YouTube could recommend unrelated or competitive coachglue review content to your viewers, which can dilute your message about your product and offer a bonus to further convince people to buy from you, here’s an example of a product bonus page if-case it’s confusing on how you can offer bonuses to your products or affiliate offers: pixel studio fx 3.0 bonus. Use these free channels along with a secure, dedicated hub on your site. That way, you can retain control and measure viewership. While there are many challenges inherent in building a video marketing strategy, they’re nothing compared to the benefits you’ll get.